Beaded globe with Africa being shown.

Welcome to SD Import Export (SDIE) – making your import easy and making Africa a more comfortable place.

We understand that finding the best quality/price ratio isn’t always easy and often is time consuming. Our team of experts functions as a “middleman” between manufacturers and buyers.

We are an export group based in South Africa with our head office in Johannesburg. SDIE exports on demand and currently exports mainly to emerging economies. However, we’re not limited.

Due to the high economic growth rates in emerging economies, particularly in Africa, demand for quality products at competitive prices has increased. Our objective is to help our clients obtain the best overall total-value and quality of service. We also ensure fast and reliable arrival of your products to your doorstep. We pride ourselves in that we offer an exceptional, transparent service that is rare to find.

SDIE services a range of industries, including:


  • Even though the world is forever changing, our dedication to client satisfaction will never change. Guided by our values, SDIE ensures that our client’s needs are always met.